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What is Human Factors?

Human Factors is the science that uses many disciplines (such as anatomy, physiology, physics, biomechanics) to understand the interactions between humans and other elements of a system in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance.​

Within the veterinary profession, Human Factors is still relatively new and often misunderstood; having been historically based on crew resource management (CRM) training adapted from the aviation industry. The true scope of HF in veterinary reaches far beyond this and lies in understanding and applying systems thinking methodology in this complex adaptive profession.

Veterinary CPD Courses

The most important issues shaping the veterinary industry today include associate wellbeing, career progression, staff retention and development, and creating a culture that is supportive and just. Many CPD courses focus purely on the technical elements of being a veterinary surgeon and overlook the more important aspect of developing the individual and ensuring their wellbeing and longevity in this challenging field.


The Trainetics Veterinary Fundamentals CPD course uses techniques and training adapted from the aviation industry to support your associates and practice in these areas. By applying Human Factors analysis to the veterinary industry, the Trainetics faculty can optimise overall system performance to reduce adverse events, improve outcomes and allow ongoing personal development.  The course allows new vets and leaders alike to improve their self-awareness, critical thinking, decision making and wellbeing using theoretical and practical (Virtual Reality and British Airways Flight Simulators) techniques.

A developed understanding of HFE in the veterinary profession can help you to:

  • Improve situational awareness, decision making, workload management

  • Understand error is ubiquitous in every practice and that success is built around minimising its effects

  • Improve patient safety and clinical outcomes

  • Address problems by modifying the design of the system rather than teaching vets to modify their behaviour

  • Optimise personal wellbeing and provide a platform for self-reflection and development

Immersive Human Factors and Veterinary Leadership Training

At Trainetics we deliver Human Factors and Leadership training utilising decades of experience. Our consultants provide expert tuition in the practical application of a systems approach to safety and quality improvement, providing tools to harness and deploy in your veterinary setting. Our unique partnership with British Airways Global Learning Academy allows us to offer an immersive learning environment, taking our delegates into state of the art flight and cabin simulators to bring the theory to life.




Trainetics Bespoke Courses



In-house or external training and consultancy. We work with you to design programmes built around your requirements. Access cutting edge knowledge and innovative learning models to deliver transformational change.

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