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Trainetics Faculty Offers Guidance On Ventilator Design

Trainetics' Professor Bowie Involved In The Human Factors Response to COVID-19 – Ventilator Design.

In the early days of the current pandemic, the UK government asked industry to manufacture mechanical ventilators to meet the anticipated demand in the upsurge of COVID-19 infected patients who would need this treatment intervention.

Trainetics' faculty member, Professor Bowie, along with other UK Human Factors specialists and senior clinicians, collectively contributed to the rapid development of much-needed guidance on the user-centred design of ventilators by industry manufacturers with no experience in creating these devices. The guidance outlines seven key topics that designers and manufacturers of ventilators should address within the context of the COVID-19 crisis, namely:

1. User interface

2. Users of ventilators

3. Environment of use

4. Task

5. The risks

6. Instructions for use

7. Training

A copy of the guidance and related resources care be accessed here:

The full open access journal article can also be downloaded for those who wish to know about this topic and approach:


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