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Trainetics Faculty Members Publish TOG Article

Trainetics' Maud Nata And Wai Yoong Publish Article On Understanding The Authority Gradient In The Obstetrician And Gynaecologist.

Trainetics healthcare faculty members Maud Nata and Wai Yoong have written and published an article addressing the authority gradient, and how not speaking up when seeing potential errors (due to a steep gradient), is a common factor in the occurrence of serious medical mishaps. The article discusses how to create a shallow authority gradient work environment, how to escalate without aggression and how seniors can encourage this by active listening.

Trainetics faculty members Rob DeMartino and Mark Ponnusamy were delighted to contribute their HF knowledge and expertise to the piece.

We are always incredibly proud to see our faculty members leading the way in their fields when harnessing HF knowledge and principles.

Please find the full article below. It makes for some fascinating reading.

TOG Authority Gradient
Download PDF • 341KB


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