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Sir Bruce Keogh

Sir Bruce Keogh (NHS England Medical Director) and a patient safety advocates join a multi-disciplinary team of delegates.

NHS England Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh attended our Clinical HF Plus course in order to gain insight into Just Culture in the aviation industry and what medicine can adapt from this practice. During his day he was paired with not only other healthcare professionals but also an avid patient safety campaigner, Ken Lownds, who has campaigned on a wide range of issues from NHS restructuring to the vaginal mesh debate but most avidly on improving patient safety and the role aviation can play.

Sir Bruce’s attendance led to some interesting and in-depth discussions during both the plenaries and especially during the debrief sessions following the flight deck and cabin medical simulations. The discussion, facilitated by our faculty, encompassed the way Human Factors should and can play a role in the future of the NHS’ patient safety agenda, strengthened by the broad multi-disciplinary nature of our delegates.


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