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Professor Paul Bowie Speaks At The Royal College Of Emergency Medicine Conference 2022

Trainetics Faculty Member Prof Paul Bowie Was A Recent Keynote Speaker At RCEM Conference

The RCEM's June 2022 conference took place in London on the challenge for the Emergency Physician in making the diagnosis of acute aortic dissection. Professor Paul Bowie was invited as a keynote speaker on how the science and practice Human Factors can potentially support clinical performance in this area.

Paul spoke about the importance of key Human Factors principles that can be integrated within education training, the diagnosis processes and related guidelines, such as: ‘seeking out multiple perspectives (staff, patients, carers); ‘reconciling work-as-imagined and work-as-done’; and the critical importance of the user-centred design of work procedures such as protocols and checklists to aid, rather than hinder the performance of clinical staff.


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