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Mark Ponnusamy Talks HF At The Harvard Medical School Surgical Leadership Programme

Trainetics faculty member Mark Ponnusamy spoke to 42 surgical leaders from 21 countries at Harvard Medical School's Surgical Leadership Programme at the Royal Society, London.

Having worked with the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Surgical Leadership Programme earlier in the year, mentoring its cohort of senior surgeons, Mark was delighted to be invited to speak at the first of a series of exciting workshops designed to equip surgeons with the executive skills necessary to successfully lead departments, divisions, programs and, ultimately, organisations.

Mark led an innovative session, "Human Performance: An Integrated Suite Of Tools" which explored the theory of HF and how it can practically support best practice in a surgical leadership setting. His focus was on the development of a personalised toolbox which participants can utilise in everyday professional situations to optimise outcomes and enhance patient safety.

The approach was not simply to deliver an instructive talk, but rather to elicit meaningful discussion with delegates in order to explore their particular concerns, barriers and leadership traits. In this way it was possible to really examine the ways in which delegates might hone their situational awareness, decision-making and leadership styles.


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