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The Sky's The Limit

The sky’s the limit as our course features in the Royal College of Anaesthetics Bulletin.

Dr Emma-Jane Smith, Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine King’s College Hospital, London

Trainetics faculty member Dr EJ Smith wrote about her experience of our Primary Plus course, exploring the refreshingly different format of the day. She combines reflection on the events of the day with their application to her day to day clinical activities. She notes how there are not

only similarities but some striking differences between the two worlds. Yet rather than glossing over those differences and pushing a specific paradigm, the course excites and inspires delegates to close the gap and adapt the lessons learnt to their own environment.

Of course, her trip in the full motion flight simulator and the experience of using pilot-taught tools to deal with an emergency features heavily in her praise!

Link to the full bulletin (Page 44):



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