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Welsh Deanery Bespoke Course

Bespoke Courses: Designed around your team’s needs and availability.

Trainetics were proud to be approached by the Welsh Deanery, the organisation responsible for the training of all Junior Doctors in Wales. We were asked to create a bespoke course for 16 of their staff (a mix of clinical and non-clinical members).

The faculty worked hard to ensure that clinical staff could clearly see the benefit of Human Factors mitigation and also that non-clinical staff were able to fully appreciate the value demonstrated and would therefore be compelled to give it greater emphasis in the future training of their doctors. One area in which this was highlighted, was the cabin simulator where non-clinical delegates observed their clinical colleagues go through a medical emergency simulated at 33,000ft. Active participation in the debrief and the engagement of every delegate, regardless of clinical/non-clinical background, allowed us to embed the day's learning and optimise change going forward.


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