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Aerospace Faculty


Verity began her flying career in the UAE operating as cabin crew on the A380 and B777. Now an Aircrew Training Specialist at British Airways, a nominated subject matter expert on the A350 and a practising CRMT with a focus on applied human factors, Verity is responsible for the competency-based training and assessment of both flight crew and cabin crew.

Having previously worked with employee assistance programmes and as a current volunteer with St John Ambulance, Verity is particularly passionate about the interdisciplinary nature of human factors that connects aviation with the medical field and beyond.

Verity has spent the past Ten years developing and delivering blended learning programmes across Europe, North America and the Middle East. With a CIPD Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development, Verity’s passion lies in helping others to succeed through impactful learning interventions. Specifically, empowering colleagues to apply theoretical concepts to the operational environment.

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