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Aerospace Faculty


Pete has been a commercial pilot for 23 years following a short career in Civil Engineering. He flew for regional carriers and cargo operators prior to joining BA in 2005. Pete has operated a variety of long and short haul aircraft including the B777, A380 and is currently operating the A350.

Alongside his flying role Pete has spent most of the last decade as a specialist Human Factors (HF) trainer. This involves introducing new pilots to the concepts of CRM as well as honing the skills of accomplished aviators, helping them better apply their theoretical understanding to line operations.

Pete is passionate about encouraging people to make practical use of CRM. In his position as a manager in pilot recruitment he updated the selection process aligning the same HF goals used in training with those used to recruit new pilots. Outside BA he has worked in schools helping add structure to long term career advice and provides HF training to international Air Traffic Control centres. Whether inside or outside aviation he believes applying Human Factors knowledge forms the cornerstone of personal development.

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