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Innovation & Technology Lead

Leadership, Aerospace

Matt has been an airline pilot with British Airways for 24 years, with the latter fourteen of those operating as Captain. In his career he has flown various types, and currently flies the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. As he gained flying experience, he became aware of the numerous benefits of the effective application of ‘non-technical’ skills within the operational environment, and also the complex nature of the anatomy of error.

Matt had the opportunity to develop both these interests when he became a CRM Trainer for British Airways ten years ago, delivering courses in house for new and current pilots. Matt, being an expert error maker himself, recognises the importance of accounting for the ‘human’ in the equation, ensuring the training he delivers in these areas is practical and effective.

​Matt enjoys presenting because he believes in the essential nature of human factors training and feels that the mix of facilitated classroom work and practical training is the most effective delivery method for it. Alongside this role, Matt has been involved with the development of courses instructing British Airways pilots in new roster generation software and on how to make better PAs to passengers.

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