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Founder & CEO


Mark is the founder of Trainetics, an innovative training and consultancy company that specialises in Human Factors and Leadership. Having started his career in investment banking, Mark moved towards his passion for flying in becoming pilot for British Airways. He has flown a multitude of commercial aircraft for over 20 years whilst additionally operating in both a training and examining capacity for the airline and the regulator. Through this role he developed a keen interest in human factors, leadership and how complex systems impact high performing and safety critical professions.

Mark’s focus on scaling quality and fostering cultures of belonging has been integral to Trainetics’s success. He is passionate about the role of business as a force for good in the world, purpose, conscious leadership, conscious capitalism, social value and diversity & inclusion. At every step, Mark puts people first, building tight-knit teams and nurturing individuals. He wants Trainetics to be a place where people come to improve themselves and thrive, professionally and personally.

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