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Programme Director

Leadership, Aerospace

Mark has 30 years of experience in aviation, initially as an aeronautical engineer and then following his passion for flying, a commercial pilot. Whilst flying he developed a keen interest in Human Factors and understanding human behaviour as it interacts with complex systems. He has spent the last 15 years developing and delivering practical HF training to pilots at British Airways to enhance safety.

​He joined British Airways as a Graduate Aeronautical Engineer, getting ‘hands on’ experience working on different aircraft types. As part of the B777 design team based at Boeing, Seattle he worked directly with suppliers to help deliver a new aircraft type.

He became a commercial pilot in 1999 and has flown 14,000 hours on both short-haul and long-haul routes on the A320 family, the B737, B747, B757 & B767 and now flies the B787. Passionate about training and development he was responsible for developing the BA Graduate Engineer programme, has over 15 years of recruitment experience and became a Training Captain (TRI/TRE) on the A320. Always seeking new challenges he is presently studying for an MSc in Human Factors.

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