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Business Development Lead

Leadership, Aerospace

​Ian has worked as an Air Traffic Controller for in excess of 10 years having started his career in aviation at the age of 18. Over time this has involved working at small regional airports to larger internationals airports, both within a control tower as well as a radar environment. In his current job role, Ian acts an ATC Watch Supervisor ensuring not only the smooth running of the ATC unit but also monitoring/ensuring ATC staff well-being.

Ian has been heavily involved in the training of both new and experienced controllers in a wide range of disciplines since 2015 including classroom/theoretical training, training for the implementation of new equipment and ‘live’ controller training. Ian also holds the position of Unit Safety Officer. This role involves the implementation and promotion of his airports Safety Management System (SMS) in ATC, conducting safety audits and promoting a Just Culture. As a trained incident investigator, Ian has provided unit reports for the UK Airprox Board (UKAB).

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