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Aerospace Faculty


Brian started flying as a teenager and has been passionate about all things aviation and human factors ever since. He spent six years as an air traffic controller before completing his flying training with British Airways and has since flown the Boeing 757 and 767 before gaining his command on the A320 fleet. Brian is now a training captain on the A350 fleet with responsibility for simulator and aircraft training and examining, as well as course design and development.

Brian has been involved in human factors training for more than twenty years, with a particular interest in the emotional intelligence and self awareness needed to be effective in leadership roles. He has helped to design and deliver human factors and leadership training throughout British Airways as well as for air traffic controllers and airport operators, and is fascinated by the human elements which are common to all professions and the gains which can be achieved by developing our understanding of them.

Through years of training in classrooms, simulators and aircraft, Brian has become convinced of the benefits of tailoring support to the individual, through understanding their specific needs and motivations. Nothing delights him more than seeing delegates both enjoy, and benefit from, their training experience.

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