1 day course.

The Trainetics Human Factors Course for Primary Care is designed for a broad range of healthcare professionals and managers working in the primary care/community environment.


We provide an introduction to Human Factors thinking as applied to Primary Care. This will be delivered through interactive talks, workshops and flight simulation at the British Airways Global Learning Academy. Areas that will be covered include patient safety, organisational improvement and workforce wellbeing. Training will be delivered by airline pilots and clinicians drawing on three decades of aviation experience and Clinical Research in Human Factors.


Delegate groups will be kept small to maximise an open exchange of ideas and allow participants to interact individual with the faculty.


1. To acquire a firm foundation in Human Factors principles.

2. To reflect on Human Factors issues that impact on your professional performance and wellbeing.

3. To develop an understanding of a system-based approach to analyse performance and instigate effective change in the workplace.


4. To understand that the concept of ‘Human Error’ is flawed and does not lead to system change. Introduction to the theory of ‘Just Culture’ and how this can lead to positive system changes.


5. To facilitate an open exchange of ideas on the implementation of Human Factors thinking and methods in Primary Care.


Training focuses on equipping participants with a highly personalised suite of principles and skills, which will complement their clinical competencies and elicit a deeper understanding of the ways in which it is possible to optimise system performance in highly complex organisations. The course is comprised of an innovative learning model that is structured around the needs of practising healthcare professionals.

Workshops feature highly interactive teaching and skills-development experiences in a diverse range of learning environments, delivered by industry leaders at the cutting edge of Human Factors research and thinking. Delegates will develop the ability to proactively manage risk to enhance safety, performance and human wellbeing in the clinical workplace.


Course Highlights:


  • Flight simulation (full motion)

  • Highly Interactive

  • Small groups

  • Lunch & refreshments included

  • Workshops & Seminars:

- Systems and Design Thinking

- Situational Awareness

- Decision Making

- Workload Management

- Just Culture

- Optimising Personal Wellbeing


  • GPs (Partners and Salaried)

  • Practice Managers

  • GP Appraisers

  • Out of Hours GPs, Paramedics, Nurses and Managers

  • Clinical Educators

  • Nurses (appropriate to all grades)

  • Physicians Associates/Assistants

  • Paramedics

  • Specialty Trainees

  • Foundation Doctors

  • Healthcare Leaders and Managers

  • Strategic decision makers and policy leads

  • Senior leaders in Regulatory, Accreditation and Inspection Organisations


1 Day (08:15 - 17:30)




Saturday, 6th JUNE 2020

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