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Trainetics Launch On CHFG Website

Trainetics' courses feature on the Clinical Human Factors Group website.

The Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG) works with clinicians, policy makers, Royal Colleges, regulators and others to place Human Factors science at the heart of improving clinical, managerial and organisational practice and in so doing, to drive safer healthcare for patients and staff and optimise system performance.

CHFG, a charity, was set up by Martin Bromiley after his late wife died needlessly following a routine operation. Ten years on, the charity has influenced a generation of workers by promoting the application of human factors science in all areas of healthcare.

"Think of the charity as a campaign and activist group with the power of respected world class experts who are trusted for their independent, considered and thoughtful support and guidance. We have the ability to push where others can’t" - Martin Bromiley

It is with great pride therefore, that Trainetics announces its launch on the CHFG website, a platform which seeks to highlight the very best providers in Human Factors education and training. Our colleague Martin Bromiley has worked tirelessly to put HF on the agenda and we are excited to count Trainetics among CHFG's many supporters.

Find out more about CHFG and see our feature on the website:


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