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CQC Consults With Trainetics To Drive Patient Safety

CQC Launches Strategy Consultation And Invites Trainetics To Join Virtual Round Table Conversation On Safety Improvement

The CQC recently launched its formal consultation to inform finalisation of its new strategy. The pandemic has forced health and social care to think differently, and the CQC are no exception. For the CQC, it has accelerated the need for change. Their draft strategy has been developed to enable more effective regulation for the future and support services to keep people safe. Key to these aims was recognition of the need to make regulatory changes, working with health and care services to find solutions to problems and improve outcomes for everyone. There was also a desire to be more flexible, to improve risk management and uncertainty.

The CQC leadership team wanted to prioritise patient safety and to that end, invited Trainetics to join their virtual round table event in order to gain our insights and expertise into this area and support their strategic ambition to really change safety for the better. To that end, Trainetics was able to contribute meaningfully to the conversation, advising on how best to optimise safety for different sectors, for different pathways, for systems and for all working in and receiving health and social care.

The CQC hope to launch their new strategy in May 2021.

Link to the full strategy consultation:



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