2 day course.

CPD points for all healthcare professionals.

Embedding Human Factors (HF) science in Healthcare practice and education is a shared goal of the World Health Organisation, Royal Colleges, Clinical Regulators and forward-thinking healthcare organisations. Progress towards this goal is, however, limited by issues pertaining to capacity and capability together with the fact that many myths and misunderstandings still prevail about the purpose and approach of HF as a discipline and practice. The result is that efforts to improve patient safety in the UK and beyond over the past two decades have been hampered by a lack of integration of modern HF and safety science concepts and methods.


To address these concerns and others, our Masterclass is designed and delivered by Chartered HF Professionals for key, influential workforce groups in healthcare. Attending the Masterclass will provide delegates with in-depth discipline knowledge together with a highly personalised toolbox of real world, practical problem-solving skills which can be applied with immediate effect to enhance and optimise patient safety, workforce wellbeing and overall organisational performance.

Training will be delivered by Professor Paul Bowie and Dr Helen Vosper from The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF). The CIEHF is the leading professional body for ergonomists and human factors specialists in the UK, with both having over three decades of experience and Clinical Research in Human Factors.


Delegate groups will be kept small to maximise an open exchange of ideas and allow participants to interact on an individual basis with the faculty.


1. To build on and deepen foundational knowledge of HF principles and methods in relation to the highly complex adaptive healthcare context.

2. To identify and address healthcare tasks, job roles, work system designs, technology issues and cultural considerations where application of HF principles and methods can jointly optimise system performance and human wellbeing.

3. To equip delegates with an advanced understanding of relevant HF competencies such as user-centred design principles and the systems approach to problem-solving.


Training focuses on equipping participants with a highly personalised suite of HF principles and skills, which will complement their existing professional competencies and elicit a deep understanding of the ways in which it is possible to jointly optimise system performance and human wellbeing in highly complex organisations. The course is comprised of an innovative learning model that is structured around the needs of practising healthcare professionals, managers, educators and leaders and is aligned with the professional competencies set out by the UK Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

Workshops feature highly interactive teaching and skills-development experiences in a diverse range of learning environments, delivered by healthcare leaders at the cutting edge of Human Factors research, innovation and thinking. Delegates will develop the ability to proactively analyse and manage risk to enhance safety, performance and human wellbeing in the clinical workplace.


Course Highlights:


  • Individual Development

  • Small Delegate Groups

  • Lunch & Refreshments Included

  • Theory, Discussion and Interactive Workshops & Seminars:

- Introduction to the Human Sciences

- Human Limitations & Capabilities

- Physical, Cognitive and Organisational HF

- User-centred Design

- Complexity and Decision Making

- Systems Models and Analysis

- Systems Thinking, Incident Investigation and Organisational Learning

- Local Rationality and Counterfactual Reasoning

- Performance Variability (ETTOs)

- Balancing Safety-I and Safety-II Approaches

- Safety Culture

- Practical HF Methods & Tool


  • All Healthcare Professionals, across all levels and bands

  • Senior Healthcare Leaders and Managers

  • Healthcare Academics and Educators

  • Strategic Decision Makers and Policy Leads

  • Responsible Officers and Medical Appraisal Leads

  • Clinical Educators in Royal Colleges, Professional Bodies and Healthcare Organisations

  • Clinical Risk, Safety, Governance, Improvement and Organisational Development Advisors and Leaders

  • Senior Leaders in Regulatory, Accreditation and Inspection Organisations


2 Days (08:15 - 17:30)


British Airways Global Learning Academy

London Heathrow




* Thursday 3rd MAR to Friday 4th MAR 2022 (SOLD OUT) *

* Thursday 27th OCT to Friday 28th OCT 2022 *

Please be aware that we run two courses per year with limited places and recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. We do also offer a waiting list should the course be fully booked.

If you require overnight accommodation, we recommend the Hilton Garden Inn, London Heathrow Airport due to its close proximity.

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